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What is The Idea Crucible? 

The Idea Crucible (TIC) is an online magazine that has blogs, articles, webinars, and virtual study groups. But more importantly, The Idea Crucible is an idea of helping support the emergence of truly integrated bodymindspirit practice and development in practitioners and public.


Who is it for?

Therapists of all backgrounds who have an interest in bodymindspirit integration and practice. And even though the website is geared for therapists, there is information here that is good for clients and the public, such as the Dharma Talks, which are guided meditations helping all of us bring stillness into our lives.


How does The Idea Crucible work?

Two options: first option is to become a member and the second option is to purchase individual items.


How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is the most economical and powerful way to participate. Click "Join Now" above. For little more than the price of a good massage, you'll have full access for a year. We already have over a thousand dollars worth of accumulated content and we are adding to it every single month.

*Previously recorded webinars

*All archived articles

*Access to live online monthly practitioner study groups  

*Access to discussion forum

*Priority status on registering for upcoming live events and webinars


What if I only want to watch one of the webinars, but not become a member?

Go click on the "Store" above and you can purchase access to whatever individual item you want. 


Thank you for wanting to be a better person and practitioner today and each and every day.

-Eric Moya, Publisher and Editor TIC


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