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Joel Ronningen RMT

publication date: Mar 15, 2017



Joel Ronningen RMT

Joel is licensed as a Massage Therapist in Apple Valley MN, practicing since 2000 and specializing in John Barnes Myofascial Release since 2008. He is also continuing his studies in Taoist Internal Arts (Qigong, Tai Chi, Bagua, Neigong & meditation) with Bruce Frantzis of Energy Arts.

He has been a teaching assistant in both the Upledger Craniosacral and Barnes MFR curricula multiple times, taught MFR for Rasmussen Community College, and teaches regular community education courses locally.

Joel enjoys reading actual books, discussions with friends old and new, and treks in the woods.


To contact: [email protected]

Web address: www.ametrinebodyworks.com



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