Terri Gorman, OTR


Terri graduated from the Indiana University School of Allied Health Sciences, Dept. of Occupational Therapy in 1995, with a B.S. in occupational therapy. As an occupational therapist, she has worked with a diverse patient population in a variety of clinical settings: from birth throughout the lifespan (age 106 as the oldest patient). Terri has worked as a staff occupational therapist for several national corporations as well as local individual companies. In addition to her patient work, Terri has also spent time overseeing therapeutic services (as Therapy Rehab Manager) for several large corporations as well as smaller independent therapy contract companies. In her largest position, she acted as Area Rehab manager for a US nationwide corporation overseeing 8 facilities in 3 states.

Currently, Terri is a consulting occupational therapist for a local skilled nursing facility where she provides evaluations and treatment while overseeing a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, as well as owning her own practice, Be Still and Heal Wellness Center, where she offers OT services as an independent Medicare provider, utilizing CranioSacral Therapy, Sensory Integration, Myofascial Release, Essential Oils, Herbal Supplements, regular & chair yoga (taught by consulting yogis). She has completed 10 Upledger Institute trained CranioSacral courses to date, intends to continue course work, and is currently in the process of becoming CST Techniques Certified, with the intention of also becoming certified at the Diplomate level. Her two great passions are Sensory Integration and Longevity/Aging/Dementia/cognitive impairments. She also has keen interests in body-mind-spirit concepts such as the completion of biological processes (particularly end-of-life processes).

Overall, Terri is proud to have completed more than 75 continuing education courses during her career on a variety of subjects and feels blessed as a person. In Terri's words, "Education is empowerment."


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