Caroline Barrow, CST-D

Caroline Barrow has been involved in complementary medicine for more than 20 years, initially training as a shiatsu practitioner, then expanding her work, incorporating CST and Visceral Manipulation techniques. Since these rather took over she first qualified as an Upledger CST practitioner and now a CST1 instructor. She runs the Upledger Institute in the UK and runs the College of Body Science, which specializes in presenting a variety of advanced anatomy and physiology workshops particularly designed for Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioners. She has extensive experience in teaching, communicating, and making tricky subjects accessible, engaging and fun. Caroline co-authored the book, Inner Power of Stillness - with Alexander Filmer Lorch and Maggie Gill. 

TIC Contributions:


Anatomical Intricacies of the Cranium

Author Interview: The Inner Power of Stillness