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CSWCD 12: Introduction to Epicenter - Treating a Line of Tension

publication date: Jul 14, 2021


Video Presentation:

Video Demonstration-Line of Tension Explanation:

Video Demonstration of Dura Mater Epicenter - Classroom Demo:


  1. Complete Week 2 Module Quiz
  2. On at least 2 different people:
    1. Palpate Q/UQ relationship
    2. Treat cranium iteratively
    3. Take time in witness state between releases and observe integration
    4. Re-evaluate Q/UQ
    5. Pay special attention to Rev throughout
  3. On at least 2 different people, treat the dura using the dural epicenter
  4. Log your experiences into the online journal
  5. Attend a mentorship call (optional)
  6. Join The Epicenter group on FB if you haven't already


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