Elizabeth Browning, CMT, CST 

Elizabeth currently runs a private manual and movement therapy practice, addressing complex client presentations in Denver, Colorado.

Her lifelong passion for studying anatomy, health, and wellbeing started at Oregon State in the Exercise and Sport Science department. She spent 3 years in Germany, traveling Europe, learning German, Yoga, and developing a deep love of hiking in the high country Alps of Bavaria. After nannying for 3 months, Elizabeth worked as a civilian for the Department of the Defense at AFRC Europe Garmish, and Chiemsee in the Recreation Department. In late 1994, she began her studies in Hatha Yoga under Elayne Richards. Elizabeth did a intensive business internship month at Richards, Tao Centrum in Garmish, Germany.

Upon returning, she pursued an education in Massage Therapy at Cascade School of Massage and Body Therapies in Eugene, OR in 1995. She was offered her first apprenticeship right out of school with Lynn Van Norman, studying the Berry Method of manual therapy. After two years with Van Norman, and gaining experience with lymph drainage for clients with lymphedema, she moved her practice to Denver CO.

In Denver, Elizabeth also started studying herbs and supplements with her experience at Whole Foods and then Yan Jing Chinese Herbal Pharmacy. She found herself eventually working with John Lloyd DC, challenged with large numbers of clinic clients needing help with headaches and recovering from motor vehicle accidents. Within a year, she became interested in the amazingly effective Upledger Craniosacral Therapy. This was the beginning of her current journey and passion to be a continual student of Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga and movement therapy, visceral manipulation, and herbalism.

She studied Yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic with Mukunda Stiles for 7 years. This was a deeply grounding and energizing time. It stirred a passion and lifelong practice of meditation and mindfulness that helps her personally and professionally.

Starting in 1999, Elizabeth began taking multiple classes within the Upledger and Barral Institutes curriculum. Deeply inspired by these methods of treatment, the intense focus on anatomy, it quickly became obvious she had found the place she was wanting to utilize her full spectrum of gifts and abilities. Soon after, she became a teaching assistant for the Upledger Institute.

For 1 year she worked in Albuquerque, NM. Following up on the offer to work in the practice of one of her first CST teachers, Eric Moya. He helped inspire in her the importance of anatomy, the ability to listen in to the body, and to use her knowledge of anatomical specificity of the tissues to deepen her dialogue internally and with the client.

Elizabeth taught Yoga for the University of New Mexico, in the Employee Health Department, teaching faculty and staff. She also had the good fortune to find a position working with CST, and aromatherapy for patients in a locked Alzheimer's unit. There she developed new protocols that helped these patients be able to accept and adapt to treatment without being afraid or disoriented.

While in NM, she had the special opportunity to meet and learn with Dr. Leon Chaitow, ND, DO, an internationally recognized specialist in Breathing Pattern Disorders. This meeting inspired deeper learning into the relationship between breath, breathing patterns, and the special relationship between this and overall health or dysfunction. This was the key she had been searching for! This bridged her understanding of how Yoga helps the body-mind and now the integration of breath rehabilitation with Yoga, and movement therapy into her manual therapy practice for transformative results.

Returning to Denver, she continued with a private practice utilizing all her tools with clients, building a bustling clinical practice. 

In 2009, Elizabeth spent a month in India learning Ayurvedic massage and body therapies. This included time at an Ayurvedic Hospital in Cochi, Kerala. There she interned with Ayurvedic physicians learning how they use Ayurvedic herbs, massage, Yoga, and diet to help clients with chronic health issues. She learned and received Ayurvedic therapies while there, and visited herb farms, herbal processing facilities and botanical gardens. Special highlights included a Yoga College outside Bangalore and AyurvedaGram an Ayurvedic Health resort for a week.

Elizabeth offers Individual Yoga and breath rehabilitation therapy as an adjunct to therapies in her professional clinic. There she utilizes CST, Ayurvedic Massage, cupping, and Tibetan bowl therapy.

In addition to her private practice, she joined pediatric chiropractor, Mckenzie Reifschneider, in her multi-disciplinary clinic. There she is able to cotreat and work with babies, and children in need of CST.  


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