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CST & Enteric Nervous System

publication date: Aug 14, 2016
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by Nikki Kenward, CST-D, MCSS

The latest research around the "gut-brain" has been revolutionizing modern medicine as we learn that this layer of nervous system cells that live in our gut and operate separately from the brain has a tremendous influence on our moods, thoughts, digestion, and overall health. This will be an introduction to the new research around the second brain, i.e. the brain in our gut, the enteric nervous system, and how we might begin to apply it to our work. It will inspire questions and get you thinking differently about how you approach issues such as autism, ME, MS, depression and anxiety, sensory processing dysfunction, dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, and many others.

Presented by: Nikki Kenward Cst-D


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