Position: Membership Coordinator


The Idea Crucible (TIC) is a mission driven online periodical for bodymindspirit wisdom, education, and information. Its mission is to be both a catalyst and participant in the next generation of bodymindspirit wisdom. TIC currently offers articles, blogs, podcasts, webinars, training courses, as well as virtual practitioner supervision and support groups.


The Membership Coordinator is a remote based contract position that oversees member relations and communications in addition to the social media presence of The Idea Crucible. The membership coordinator works closely with the Editor and the Publisher to craft and implement a coherent vision of communications to drive and retain membership.


Work with the Editor and Publisher to craft and articulate a coherent and consistent on brand messaging strategy with members and potential members across a variety of mediums: email, social media, newsletters, phone, direct messaging, and others.

Be available to current members to help with membership concerns as well as site education and introduction.


  • Excellent and proven communication skills across a variety of mediums – both written and verbal
  • Familiarity and experience with multi-disciplinary ideas in body, mind, spirit wisdom and related modalities
  • Proven experience working collaboratively with a team
  • Proven experience with Word or related word processing programs
  • Proven experience with Zoom
  • Proven experience with social media communication
  • Highly motivated and self-directed with a strong sense of ethics, responsibility, and attention to detail
  • Proven networking abilities


Compensation at The Idea Crucible is based on a profit sharing model. Income is commensurate with growth and success of membership and the mission.

Application Process

Please submit Letter of Interest and Resume to [email protected]