Margaret Gill (Maggie) MBA, DMS, Cert.Ed, CST-D, MCSS

From a core therapy of massage and other bodywork modalities, Dr John's craniosacral therapy inspired me from the outset. As an educator of adults for many years prior to training in bodywork, I appreciated the structure and ethos of the classes.  I practice in Brighton (UK) and also have a part-time practice in Cyprus where I am a regular visitor. Over time I became Diplomate Qualified as a therapist, and currently, teach CST1and 2, and SER1 and 2 with the Upledger Institute.

The skills gained during my years in education included supporting adult students and managing teaching teams as they faced personal and organizational change. Those skills have been an invaluable foundation for my therapy practice and teaching.

My work with Upledger CST inspires me on a daily basis, and I feel blessed to have found this work.


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