Margarita Camarena is an Alumna of The University of California, Davis who has built a multidisciplinary healing practice in the San Francisco Bay area over the past 16 years.

In Mexico City, she was born into a family of artists and healers. From a very young age, Margarita began to learn energy healing at the Berkeley Physic Institute graduating from the clairvoyant program in 1993. She is an advanced practitioner of bodywork, both structural and craniosacral therapies. She is a well-known Curandera, Reiki Master, and transcendental healing artist.

One of Margarita's passions is working with women at all stages of pregnancy from the fertility stage to postpartum. She practices Mesoamerican womb massage and postpartum bodywork adding to these ceremonial practices. Her experience in pediatric craniosacral allows her to offer this nurturing healing touch to babies, infants, children, and their parents.

Her mission is to reconnect people back to themselves through the ceremony of healing and personal ritual.

To learn more about Margarita Camarena, visit her practice, 

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