Peer Supervision, Virtual Study Groups, Mentorship

     Becoming a skilled therapist is a complicated path at times. It requires constant learning new skills, learning from client/patient interactions, and practice supervision. "Supervision" is this setting is referring to a process by which a practitioner has an opportunity to interact with peers and mentors regarding the work she is doing. The supervision process allows a practitioner to discover "blind spots" that she might not discover otherwise. For example, it is easy for a practitioner to believe she knows the best way to approach a particular problem, but until she hears about how other practitioners or even more experienced practitioners might handle the same situation she doesn't have an active and intersubjective opportunity to reflect on her own approach.

     To that end, The Idea Crucible offers regular practice and peer supervision to all therapists, individually and in group formats. In terms of group mentorship and supervision, The Idea Crucible offers two groups monthly, one for general therapeutic practice  as well as a group focused specifically on the discussion and integration of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy. These supervision groups are included in membership with The Idea Crucible or are also available on a drop in basis. For a list of upcoming dates and times, please click here. If you would like to contact The Idea Crucible and ask any questions about these peer supervision groups, please contact us here.

     Format of the Peer Supervision groups: Groups are 1 hour long through the Zoom webinar/meeting format. We invite participants to submit topics for discussion in advance. We begin each group by discussing the submitted topics first and make individual recordings of the discussed topics first. Once we have completed the submitted topics, we turn off the recording and have a free-form discussion with the remaining time. 

About this page:

Beginning in September 2019, we will be separating out each submitted topic in service of creating a "library" of discussions for members to refer back to. For the prior years of peer supervision groups, we have them organized purely by month and year.

Groups with a Presentation:

Lately, we've been beginning the groups with a more formal presentation and discussion. The list below are the groups that have a presentation involved.

Virtual Study Group - CST/SER


Peer Supervision Group (PSG)

Recorded Discussion Topics:


Virtual Study Group/Peer Supervision Group Recordings:

All of the below VSG dates occurred prior to the decision to record each discussion separately. Each of the below dates is approximately an hour long. Click through and you will be able to see the power point with the questions to see what discussions occurred on each date.