Lion Taming

Like many touch therapists, I find myself quite empathic to the energetic and emotional states of my clients. Having recently been though a change in work, a period of self reflection and the creative void - stepping away from client contact for 3 months perhaps for the first time in 2 decades I am aware of something new. A realisation that our work is evolving and requires of us a new skill - I see the image of myself as a lion tamer - pacing around the clients energy, evaluating and observing before the work on the table begins, the blending and melding time. I wonder can anyone relate? Prior to this break I have been blending and melding even before the clients arrive - frequently having dreams about them before they come, also feeling in my body the sensations I will be treating prior to meeting that client. It has been exhausting and is no longer sustainable. I am looking to become far more expand my capacity for the work and to maintain the integrity of my personal boundaries. I wonder if the inner physician requires a gate keeper, lion tamer, door bitch to keep the therapist intact? Penny for your thoughts? thank you,Beth


  • "A realization that our work is evolving and requires of us a new skill". . .

    I like that idea. Something rather adversarial about a lion tamer though? I kind of like the image of standing together in partnership overlooking the ocean, kind of a thing.

    How does my reframe fit in to your understanding, Beth?
  • Thanks Eric, 
     Its an interesting analogy as I live behind a cliff that i visit daily - looking out to the Southern Ocean ferocious one day and sparkling flat like a lake the next. It informs my spirit, and yes I understand the reframe. 

    Im still making a lion tamer outfit for myself to explore its expression, for the spectacle and show. Not for work but for the creative process I am evolving is all part of my personal development.

    Perhaps what I am suggesting is that there are so many elements to the work we do and if the spectacle (lion tamer)helps to gear our clients on track taking responsibility for their own health healing and empowerment we might then maintain a healthier and more sustainable practice? 

    I may look like a lion tamer but I would really be a lion whisperer...It is about managing long term therapeutic relationships and healthy boundaries....

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