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The Chronically Depleted Client-Touch for Systems Under Stress (Article)

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 Working with complex clients

The Chronically Depleted Client

Touch for Systems Under Stress

by Eric Moya Cst-D, Ms/Mfct

(Article originally publishes in Massage Magazine, December 2015)


     Sometimes clients can seem so complex, so hypersensitive, so ... depleted. Thinking over the past 18 years of practice, I find these complex clients seem to be more numerous now than they used to, both in my practice and in conversations with other practitioners.

     Earlier this year, I had a new client, Jamie*, referred to me by a local psychotherapist. They were doing some wonderful therapeutic work together for a variety of physical and psychotherapeutic concerns. The psychotherapist referred the client because she had heard that CranioSacral Therapy might be able to help with some of the physical symptoms related to severe exhaustion, muscle fatigue, eye sensitivity and emotional depression . . .