Creating and Implementing an Effective Informed Consent Process in Clinical Practice

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An important foundation of effective bodymindspirit therapeutic work is good boundaries. One important tool of establishing good boundaries is the informed consent document provided during the very first session. Many practitioners have a minimal informed consent document or none at all. Having a well-written document and following it up with a skilled conversation can set up the professional relationship for better success and better healing. Additionally, well-formed boundaries also help prevent therapist burnout and prepare both the client and the therapist for navigating the challenging times within the therapeutic relationship. 

The needs for good informed consent documentation are especially important as practitioners begin incorporating skills within their practice that encompass the body, the mind, and the spirit. This is a level of complexity bigger than traditional bodywork practices. This 2-hour in-service will cover the basics of writing an informed consent document that is tailored for your practice. It will also cover the basics of introducing the document within the first session and opening the crucial dialogue that begins a good relationship.


  1. Introduction to Topic and Welcomes
  2. Overview of Informed Consent and Informed Consent Documentation
  3. Presentation of Sample Documents
  4. Facilitated Small Group Work on Tailoring Your Own Document
  5. Overview of Interview Dialogue
  6. Conclusion

This 2-hour in-service for bodymindspirit practitioners.