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Non-Invasive Communication in Manual Therapy

Price: $25.00

Co-presenters Rob Williamson and Eric Moya take turns presenting on the topic of having our communication skills be as non-invasive as possible in the manual therapy setting. Good presentation for any and all bodymindspirit practitioners who incorporate dialogue and communication into their private practices.

In this webinar, co-presenters Rob Williamson and Eric Moya take turns presenting on the topic of communication skills in the manual therapy setting. Each presenter gives an approximately 20 minute talk/presentation followed by dialoguing with each other on the topic.


Rob, with his background as a physical therapist, NLP practitioner, and considerable experience in working with non-verbal patient populations helps us understand the role and importance of "clean language" in the therapy setting.

In turn, Eric Moya with his background as CranioSacral Therapy instructor, massage therapist, and counselor with training in Marriage, Family, & Child therapy talks about common communication skills and where they lie on a spectrum of being invasive. The invitation is not to say that any particular communication techniques are better, but more to help the practitioner have a greater understanding of the impact of communication skills upon the listener.

This is a must watch webinar for any bodymindspirit practitioner working to attend to all aspect of a person in their therapeutic work.