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"It's All in Your Gut"

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 I have been immersed in the area of the gut, its Enteric Nervous System now referred to as The Second Brain, and its place in creating our overall good health for a number of years now. My own gut has been talking to me all my life and I guess I am finally learning how to listen. Listening to what it has to say is fundamental to my physical, mental and emotional health.

     As I began to talk about this “obsession” to my study group, my patients and friends, it became startlingly clear that gut health or gut ill health impacts on almost everyone in some way at some point in their lives. Everywhere I Iooked I saw more books on new insights on the gut, the microbiota, the second brain, the gut/brain connection and how food was important but what was more interesting to me was its impact on the whole body/mind system. In other words in order to address our mental health, emotional health and physical health we need to work with our gut, to listen to its unheard stories and to expand our awareness beyond the food we eat.