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Dharma Talk #1-The Scale of Stillness Practice

publication date: Apr 3, 2017
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The Scale of Stillness Practice

Our first Dharma talk is all about how to access and utilize our ‘Inner Sense’, starting with the external world of experiences and our five senses, our proprioceptive sense, as well as ‘Interoceptive Awareness’ and its role in the stilling process.


Outline of presentation

  1. Introduction to "Stillness"
    1. Scale of stillness
    2. Dharma talks as both individual offerings, but when taken as a group cumulate into a natural deeper stillness practice
    3. Goal of Dharma talks: To increase personal resilience, compassion, and presence for practitioners, therapists, and teachers through a practical workshop on stillness
  2. Goal of this Dharma talk
    1. Outline the neuroscience that informs the theory and practice of stillness and benefits
    2. Distinction between 5 sense, proprioceptive sense, and interoceptive sense
    3. Practical techniques that create stillness memory in the brain and the body
    4. Opportunity to experience a natural state of presence
  3. Physiologic benefits of stillness
  4. Psychological benefits of stillness
  5. What is "dynamic stillness"?
    1. How effective movement originates from dynamic stillness
  6. Exploring our five senses - Experiment/Meditation
  7. Exploring Proprioception and Interoception
  8. Interoceptive awareness meditation -- Begins at the 30 minute mark
  9. Closure

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