Counseling Skills for the Bodymindspirit Practitioner

This is a fundamentals course going over the core skills of interviewing and counseling clients. The information in this course is based off the counseling textbook Intentional Interviewing and Counseling: Facilitating Client Development in a Multicultural Society, and is core information for any practitioner working within an integrated bodymindspirit practice.

From the moment a client initially contacts us, to the initial interview, to table work, to ending a session, communication skills form the bedrock of creating an environment conducive to healing and effective practice.

(This course is currently in the process of being built through the monthly Peer Supervision Groups and is open and available to all TIC members currently.)

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CST Working with Chronic Depletion

This is the online version of CST Working with Chronic Depletion. This course is only available as a review to participants who have already completed the CST Working with Chronic Depletion course through the International Alliance of Healthcare Eductors. To find a date or location to attend the course, please click here.

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Systems Informed Bodymind Therapy (SIBT) Curriculum Flowchart

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Systems Informed Bodymind Therapy (SIBT): The Body

SIBT: The Body is an exciting self-paced program developed by Eric Moya that furthers the building of an approach to therapy that combines leading edge manual therapy approaches with an understanding of leading edge mental health approaches. 

The ultimate goal of SIBT is to build an integrated therapy for the body, mind, spirit, and soul, and this course puts the focus on the body within that integrated whole.

Featuring a unique combination of online self-paced elements, online live mentorship, and in-person treatment elements, the SIBT curriculum uses detailed educational practices to help its students learn the material deeply and be able to apply it to clinical practice.

Prerequisite: CST Working with Chronic Depletion

This course is offered in partnership with the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators. To register, please call 1-800-233-5880 or click here.

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The next SIBT - Systems Informed Body Mind Therapy The Body course will begin in September 2022
There is a special offer if you sign-up for it before the beginning of April. Please visit this link online for more details


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