The mission of The Idea Crucible is to foster community and discussion for the next generation of bodymindspirit wisdom.

Values of The Idea Crucible:

  • To support dialogue and discussion
  • To empower people
  • To participate in emergent ideas and conversation related to bodymindspirit integration

We cannot be whole without incorporating all of our parts.


The Idea Crucible is a community working towards a bodymindspirit revolution. We see our clients and ourselves as complex individuals of many intersecting identities living in an expanded biopsychosocial world. We aim to foster and celebrate diversity and complexity creating a container where bodymindspirit practitioners can all find a sense of belonging.


As your leadership team, we pledge to:

  • Continue featuring diverse voices from around the globe and from different professional and social backgrounds serving a diverse set of populations.
  • Seek out new voices across different experiences and backgrounds that are not currently visibly featured.
  • Increase the accessibility of our site adding content in multiple languages and formats.
  • Continue adding both free content for non-members and paid members-only content.
  • Continue quickly and decisively responding to member conflict and not allowing hateful or harmful language a platform on our site.
  • Continue to be open to constructive feedback and continually engage in self/team-reflection

When we reach our current goal of 250 members we will be able to raise funds specifically to: 

  • Provide compensation for contributions from marginalized perspectives. We do not wish to participate in the colonial mindset of requesting free-labor from marginalized groups in order to realize our dreams. 
  • Create a scholarship fund to offer reduced-cost memberships for marginalized communities.

While we honor and respect diversity, we also recognize our limited capacity to reach all different groups, if you are someone who does not see themselves reflected in the content found here at TIC, identify as a bodymindspirit practitioner, and would like to offer a piece of work that honors our mission and vision please refer to our contributor guidelines.

We welcome new voices and new perspectives.