The Peer Supervision Group is a dedicated time for therapists of all backgrounds to get together and support each other in the complexities of clinical practice and in being excellent practitioners. Any topic related to clinical practice is perfect for this group discussion.

Topics for discussion might include:

  • Practice boundary issues
  • Complex client discussion
  • Best practices in business and marketing
  • General professional support
  • and more . . .

The format for the peer supervision group is a facilitated online group discussion with senior practitioner and facilitator Eric Moya. Participants are encouraged to submit a topic for discussion in advance although it is not required for participation. These groups are a fun and enjoyable way for therapists to give and receive support within a community of colleagues and are open to any practitioner in clinical practice. All peer supervision groups are included in the annual membership.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

For those learners who are tracking their mentorship hours within the IAHE Mentorship Program, each of these groups counts as 1 hour of Category "B" mentorship.

All Upcoming dates and times are listed on the TIC Events calendar (to the left of this screen if you are on a computer)