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Happy Hour CST Trivia Night -- "Know Brainer"

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Thank you for joining this virtual craniosacral trivia event. This is your enticement to join this brainy adventure, where we intend to tickle your funny bone, tease apart your cranial knowledge, and have a collective blast at a virtual trivia Zoom event focused on everyone’s favorite topic… craniosacral therapy.

Craniosacral loving participants will be teamed up to answer trivia questions related to CST anatomy, physiology, history, pathology, fun facts about Dr John and more. You’ll get to flaunt your left brain knowledge and right brain melding, as you blend with your team for 5 riveting rounds of trivia.

This trivia event is open to anyone who has completed CS1 globally, and hosted by Eric Moya and Emily Klik. 

A few of the rules:
*This is going to be a fun friendly competition.
*Teams will be chosen randomly by Zoom. Teams choose your own names. (get creative here)
*Anatomical models are allowed, feel free to have your painted skull in hand (with a tasty beverage)
*Books, study guides, and electronic devices are not allowed. Honor system here folks.
*Perfect spelling of answers not required, we welcome our ESL colleagues, and those who are spelling challenged.
*Questions are chosen by Eric Moya from CST material and co-hosted with the amazing Emily Klik

Participation is limited. Zoom registration will be available and participation will be approved for the first 50 who sign up.


  • Winning team members will receive a complimentary 1 month subscription to The Idea Crucible!
  • A donation made to the Upledger Foundation made in their name!
  • Entry into the hall of Trivia night fame
  • Bragging rights on the Upledger Alumni and Bodymindspirit groups on Facebook

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]