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publication date: Dec 6, 2017

Benefits of TIC Membership

When you become a member of The Idea Crucible, you are gaining access to our impressive and growing library of content as well as access to upcoming events and articles as long as you are a member. Every year, The Idea Crucible is scheduling 4-5 live events (valued at $40-50 each), monthly practitioner study groups (valued at $30 each), monthly articles (invaluable), regular blogs, and podcasts. Basically, your investment that is gets you well over two thousand dollars worth of value and growing constantly. Click the Join Now button above to get started!

Practitioner Membership

($120 annually)

Afiliacion Castellano

(Membership tailored for our Spanish speaking members - $80 annually)

  • Access to previously recorded webinars (some webinars have class prerequisites to them. Listed under "specialized content")
  • Access to 4 Spanish Speaking Webinars each year ($120 value)
  • Access to Blogs
  • Access to Featured Article of the month
  • Increased Affiliate Commission Tier (7.5%) over non-members (5%)
  • Access to attend all upcoming live event webinars (4-5/year)
  • Access to attend Spanish language webinars (4/year)
  • Priority access to registering for upcoming live events
  • Increased Affiliate Commission Tier (7.5%) over non-members (5%)