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Anatomy & Physiology:

The Anatomy & Physiology course is a 24-lecture webinar series covering the fundamentals of anatomy & physiology. Your lecturer is Dr. Anna Marie Messina, a Chiropractor who has made extensive study of the body. 

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Foundations of Manual Therapy:

The Foundations of Manual Therapy Series is a sequential group of webinars, articles, and blogs designed to introduce practitioners to the core building blocks of a successful and and effective manual therapy practice. By understanding and all modalities and techniques in therapy are derived from the same building blocks, a practitioner willbe able to create more connection, fluidity, and skill across a great variety of modalities and practices.

The various modules will include theory, examples, interviews, references, printed materials, and exercises for ongoing practice and mastery. Learning with the Foundations of Manual Therapy will be supported with the monthly virtual study groups and online mentorship/supervision.

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Library of Virtual Study Group/Peer Supervision Group Recorded Discussions:

Virtual study groups/Peer supervision groups are an opportunity for practitioners to support each other in the process of becoming better therapists. Please click through to access the recordings of previous groups as well as a longer description of the VSG/Peer Supervision process:




Specialized content: